What makes a good attorney?

Whether you are just beginning your search for a Baltimore MD Tax Attorney or have been the victim of theft or fraud you will find an experienced professional in the area. What makes a good attorney? Experience, knowledge, integrity and follow through. A Baltimore MD Tax Attorney can guide you through the proper channels when it comes to claiming taxes, settling your debts and minimizing your liabilities. It doesn’t matter if you have incurred taxes due to business mismanagement, willful tax evasion or criminal acts; a trusted attorney can help you resolve these issues.

Business tax attorneys know what is required of a business, know how to preserve records, know business tax liabilities, and how to handle payroll and start-up expenses. They also may be skilled in handling a tax audit, a review of a business’s tax returns, and other related matters. They may even be able to stop a business from being subjected to a tax audit by claiming improperly submitted tax claims, improperly claimed deductions and losses, or a lack of required documentation.

Baltimore MD Tax Attorneys are experienced tax law specialists who know every angle of tax law. They know which strategies may be best used to minimize liability and increase the amount of tax paying customers you can retain. There are several different strategies which can be used to reduce taxes. For example, some individuals and businesses elect to use the “innocent spouse” strategy, under which one party (the “innocent spouse”) co-signs for another party (the liable party) on their own tax return(s) thereby reducing their liability, or paying a higher tax rate to retain these clients. Other Maryland Attorneys representing business owners may also use these same strategies to minimize their clients’ tax liabilities.

Attorneys in Baltimore can be found by searching online for a qualified tax attorney. In addition to using the internet, you may want to speak with your local business council, police department, schools, hospitals, universities, colleges and other local agencies for possible recommendations of Baltimore Attorneys. Once you have a short list of potential Baltimore Attorneys, call each one individually and ask if they know of any attorneys that are experienced in practicing in the area of your concern.

Most Maryland Attorneys will respond immediately to your questions and provide an initial consultation. If you find a Maryland Tax Attorney that you feel will best represent you in your particular situation, the next step is to schedule a consultation. During this appointment, the attorney will review your tax problems with you and discuss a plan that will help you resolve your tax problems. Baltimore tax attorneys will not charge for this consultation; however, you may have to pay for other services provided during this time, such as filing paper work and filing additional tax returns.

After reviewing your situation and discussing your budget, the Baltimore tax attorney will develop a strategy to help you resolve your tax liability. He or she will then prepare appropriate paperwork for you to send to the IRS, as well as presenting any relevant evidence to the IRS in your behalf. This evidence can include canceled checks, lost receipts and any other means that will help the IRS get to the bottom of your tax liabilities. Many tax attorneys also offer negotiation services in order to get the most favorable penalty agreement possible for their clients.